Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Round Door Stop with Rubber Pad

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  • HEAVY DUTY: Solid metal construction ensuring a lifetime of quality and durable door catching
  • RUSTPROOF STOPPER: Made from 304 premium grade stainless steel, protects against rust, corrosion and scratches
  • CONTEMPORARY: Modern rounded dome look, stylish and easy to install
  • RUBBER BUMPER: Quality large buffer pad protects from unsightly wall damage, door slams and shutting
  • INSTALLATION KIT: Wall or door mounted and includes

Modern door stop with rubber pad protects walls, door and handles from damage. Perfect stop and hold for home, office, hotel, school and front doors gateway where you need to prevent shutting, slamming, damage and positioning of the door. Floor mountable, the round half sphere will not cause foot tripping.

Perfect during summer when you need to keep the door open; great during autumn to stop draughts, wind, drafts and breezes from moving and shifting your door, the round rubber tip will stop and prevent it from bumping against walls, handles and roos. This entry holder bumper will provide years of rust free operation and service. A must complement for any entry hall, bedroom, dining, family room and other access doors.