Low Profile Magnetic Door Stop for Home Office Hotel Stainless Steel

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  • HIGH END STAINLESS STEEL DOORSTOPS: All metal construction ensuring a lifetime of quality and durable door catching
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN: Premium made to be thin, invisible, unobtrusive and stub free
  • BEAUTIFUL & MODERN: Contemporary clean look and easy installation
  • MAGNETIC CATCHER STOPPER: Protection from unsightly wall damage, slamming, shutting and noises
  • HEAVY DUTY: Floor mounted solid holder for stopping drafts and slams

Modern ultra low profile door catch stopper with AUTOMATIC spring up and magnetic catch for doors. Perfect stop and hold for home, office, hotel, school and front doors gateway where you need to prevent shutting, slamming, damage and positioning of the door. Floor mountable and almost invisible. Perfect during summer when you need to keep the door open; great during autumn to stop draughts, drafts and breezes from moving and shifting your door, the round flat disc is the only stopper you see on the floor. This entry holder will provide years of rust free operation and service. A must complement for any entry hall, bedroom, dining, family room and other access doors.