Large Door Viewer as Security Peep Hole 220 Degree Solid Brass

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  • HEAVY DUTY: All metal construction, ensuring quality and durability
  • CONTEMPORARY: Modern look and easy to install
  • WIDE ANGLE: 200 Degrees viewing angle
  • FIT: Fits doors 1-9/16 to 2-3/16 inch thick
  • COVER: Comes with metal cover lid offering extra privacy

    This Thing Is a Brute. 

    Solid, heavy and tough as brass (actually it is solid brass), even the Hulk would want to knock! This Royal Home & Hardware large door viewer would make an instant impression on your family, friends, and guests: You take your security and quality seriously.

    Crystal Clear Sharp View. 

    This considerably sized peephole offers a view, so wide and clear even grandma will soon be predicting your next visitors like an Oracle.

    Just Like Royalty. 

    You may not be the King or Queen…or royalty for that matter. But a Royal Home & Hardware door viewer, will add that extra elegant touch and make your home feel like a castle; and as any royalty will tell you: privacy, security, and quality are paramount.

    Large Door Viewer by Royal Home & Hardware

    Modern security door viewer and peep hole for doors. Perfect peephole for home, office, hotel and front door where you need to see, monitor, spy and peeking who is outside your door when the doorbell rings before opening, providing you extra privacy and safety. A must complement for any intercom system, security door monitor, door accessories.

    This Royal Home & Hardware product is constructed from solid brass body and is chrome plated, polished finished, brushed satin nickel, antique bronze, PVD satin gold and antique copper. Durable high quality components and warranty ensures you are making the right decision when purchasing a Royal H&H item.